Nebula Artist Showcases



Plural nebulae (nĕb′yə-lē′) or nebulas

A thinly spread cloud of interstellar gas and dust. It will appear as a bright patch in the night sky if it reflects light from nearby stars, emits its own light, or re-emits ultraviolet radiation from nearby stars as visible light. If it absorbs light, the nebula appears as a dark patch. In dark nebulae, stars form from clumps of hydrogen gas.

We  hold our “NEBULA SHOWCASES”  at well established music venues in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.

We select all artists/bands for these showcases from all across the USA.    Those performers have distinguished themselves from other artists in numerous ways, like sound, style, experience, skill, fan base, etc.

We promote the artists/bands in the “NEBULA ARTIST SHOWCASES”,  so that they have the opportunity to perform in front of a larger audiences.  In most cases we select 4 or 5 artists/bands per showcase.

We often have each event co-sponsored by an independent radio station, where the artists will be played frequently and interviewed to bring a higher visibility to the event and artists.

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Our recent interview with Kelly Zulo:

We recently signed KELLY ZULLO to our Nebula Showcase Series :

Kelly Zulo

Upcoming Nebula Showcases:

Southgate House Revival

Southgate House Revival, Newport, KY :  Saturday, July 30th -2016

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Blues and Burlesque Poster


Yellow Cab Tavern

Yellow Cab Tavern Dayton:  Saturday, August 20th -2016

Oddbody's Logo

Oddbody Dayton:  Saturday, August 13th -2016