Music Conference created by and for Music Industry Professionals

Monday, May 9th – 2016
8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Why you must attend:

The sole purpose of this conference is to bring all those together, who are contributors to the music scene (Artists, Venues, Media, Supplies, Agents, Producers, etc.), and to work on a common goal TOGETHER:

To enhance the visibility for artists with higher venue attendance, and to facilitate a process of reaching the consumer in a proven strategic marketing effort and not in a hopeful manner.

This conference will educate,  offer new opportunities, and will allow each profession to be highly successful in the music industry.

As an attendee you will have the  tremendous opportunity to learn new ways,  meet music producers, managers, agents, promoters, talent buyers, publicists, publishers, studio engineers, radio station executives, songwriters, recording artists,  radio and record label representatives.

This one day event is packed with music business keynotes, panels, clinics, workshops, and one-on-one mentoring.

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Are you a musician . . . ?

Powerful Programs for and by successful Music Professionals:

Mike Hiles - Social Media Strategist

Michael Hiles

Jayne Sachs - Singer Songwriter - Songwriting for Success in today's Market

Jayne Sachs

 . . .  fantastic line up of presenters

Tim Ramanofsky - Grammy nominated producer and founder of T-Bone Record

Sean O'Mealy GM of WNKU RADIO "The Power of Listener Supported Radio for Local Artists"

Libby Ballengee, local promoter and music journalist (Venus Child Productions and Dayton Music Insider)

Eron Bucciarelli-Tieger formerly of Hawthorne Heights will talk about "Fairness in Music Licenses for artists and Venues"

Topic Driven Small Group Discussions

Attorney Jane Schreyer will discuss legal issues of artists and venues.

Meet new ideas, skills and people you need in your profession !

Neil Hixson, Owner of Oddbody Music Venue: "“Venue Promotion – Booking and things you must know!”

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